Useful Things To Do While Commuting

Most of us spend a good amount of time commuting. This time is often spent doing things that are repetitive and unproductive. Whether you are driving or being driven, travelling by train or by bus, in India the time lost in commuting can be anything between 45 minutes to two hours or more.

Productive use of this time can help you improve your skills, enhance your knowledge, and get some useful work done. Based on the nature of your commute and the rigour of it, here, are some tips to make the most of your time:

1. Listen to Learn

If your commute involves travelling in crowded public transport systems, plug in your earphones or wear those headphones and start listening! Audio content is an interesting and inexpensive mode to expand your horizons, learn new things, or get entertained.

Go for audiobooks, podcasts, or even audio courses. You can take up structured professional courses, listen to stories, or learn a new language by choosing from among the thousands of podcasts available across genres. Choose from several national and international audio content platforms like SoundCloud, AudioBoom, Amazon’s Audible, TED Talks, BookMyShow, and so many more. Most people are amazed to experience the power of audio as a medium for learning.

2. Shift Through Work Emails

Checking your emails while on your way to work can give you a great head start. Use this time to create a to-do list, set priorities, delegate sub-tasks, and send follow-up emails and reminders to people whose inputs are required to get your work done. This makes everybody more efficient and productive. Some people also like to follow this ritual on their way back home, so that they have clarity about the next day.

3. Prepare for the Day

Morning commute offers a great opportunity to plan the rest of your day at the office. Create a plan of action and gear-up for the specific project/ task you are scheduled to work on. Planning can help you prioritize and avoid un-important tasks. It also allows you to identify time slots where you are free so that you can take up additional good-to-do tasks beyond your core role. You can explore various productivity apps that can help you get organized.

4. Reach Out to Your Network

Maintaining a strong network of contacts is crucial to getting ahead. Most of us have a bunch of people we would like to stay in touch with, but don’t, due to the paucity of time. Your commuting time can be put to effective use if you reach out to them through a ping, a poke, or a wave through any online means.

At the same time, you can also participate in discussions on professional social networking sites, discuss key issues and developments impacting your sector, and even find like-minded individuals you can collaborate with. You can also offer to help those who need your guidance.

Playing skill games, catching up on some sleep, or even cycling to work (if feasible) are some more ways to stay productive. You can also use such this time to take some wise financial decisions.

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