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Bandhan US Equity Fund of Fund - Direct Plan

An open ended fund of fund scheme investing in units/shares of overseas Mutual Fund Scheme (/s) / Exchange Traded Fund (/s) investing in US Equity securities.

Fund of FundsInception Date:20/08/2021
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What is an US Equity Fund of Fund?

An US Equity Fund of Fund (FOF) is an international mutual fund investment that aims to generate capital appreciation by investing in shares of overseas mutual funds and ETFs that invest in US equity.

A Fund of Fund mutual fund is a scheme that invests in other funds. These funds aim to diversify an investor's portfolio by investing across asset classes, market capitalisation and even geographical area. An US equity fund of funds is primarily an international equity fund that provides investors with the potential benefits of diversification across geographical areas. Investors with limited capital can tap into US equity by investing in this international equities fund.

Bandhan US Equity FOF is categorised as a high-risk mutual fund as it fundamentally invests in US equity. Although fund of funds may help investors mitigate concentration risks, foreign equity mutual funds are subject to relatively higher risks. Overseas mutual funds may be vulnerable to exchange rate risks and currency fluctuations. Changes in exchange controls or political circumstances may also impact the potential returns of the fund.

  • Min Investment 1,000
  • Min SIP Amount 100
  • Exit Load

    - 1% of applicable NAV - if the units are redeemed/switched out within 1 year from the date of allotment
    - Nil – if the units are redeemed / switched-out after 1 year from the date of allotment

Annualised Returns(as on 31st May, 2024)33.62%1yrN.A.3yrN.A.5yr
NAV 13.9950 as on 21/06/20241 Day Change: -0.24(-1.70%)

Scheme is suitable for international allocation for a minimum investment horizon of more than 3 years. Investors will bear the recurring expenses of the Scheme in addition to the expenses of the underlying schemes in which investments are made by the Scheme. Maximum total expense ratio as per SEBI guidelines will be 2.25% including the expenses charged by the underlying schemes

Tier 1 Benchmark : Russell 1000 Growth Index^Alternate Benchmark : NA

Performance as on 31st May 2024

Scheme NamesCAGR Returns (%)Current value of Investment of 10,000
1 year3 year5 year10 year20/08/2021 Since inception1 year3 year5 year10 year20/08/2021 Since inception
Bandhan US Equity Fund of Fund - Regular Plan - Growth33.62N.A.N.A.N.A.10.2713,372N.A.N.A.N.A.13,125
^ Tier 1 Benchmark   |   ^^ Alternate Benchmark   |   ^^^ Tier 2 Benchmark

This fund is managed by Mr. Harshal Joshi (w.e.f 20/08/2021) & Ms. Nishita Doshi (w.e.f 01/07/2022)

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Past performance may or may not be sustained in future.
Regular and Direct Plans have different expense structure. Direct Plan shall have a lower expense ratio excluding distribution expenses, commission expenses etc.


For taxation, please refer the link :  https://bit.ly/3spfzbo

^Total Return Net of 30% Withholding Tax

Bandhan US Equity FOF

(Scheme Risk-o-meter)

Investors understand that their principal will be at Very High Risk.

Russell 1000 Growth Index^

(Tier 1 Benchmark Risk-o-meter)

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking* :

  • To create wealth over long term.
  • Diversification of returns through investing in a fund mainly investing in units/shares of overseas Mutual Fund Schemes  (/s) / Exchange Traded Fund (/s)which invests in US Equity securities

Who Should Invest in an Equity Fund of Funds?

Fund of funds may be a suitable investment option for investors seeking to diversify their portfolio. Investments in US equity and related securities may provide investors with an opportunity to diversify their investment geographically and potentially benefit from investing in international mutual funds and/or Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

This international mutual fund investment has a minimum investment horizon of three years and may be suitable for investors with a long-term investment horizon. As an equity fund, Bandhan US Equity FOF seeks to potentially create wealth in the long term and may not be suitable for investors with other financial goals.

Overseas mutual funds may be vulnerable to foreign exchange risk, currency fluctuations and socio-political circumstances. Consequently, these funds are a high-risk fund and are not suitable for investors with a low-risk appetite. Investors must consider their risk tolerance and financial goals before investing in any mutual fund.

FAQs on US Equity Fund of Fund

What is a US equity fund in India?

A US equity fund is an international equities fund that invests in mutual funds and/or ETFs which invest in US equity securities.

What is an equity fund of funds in India?

A fund of fund mutual funds is a pooled investment that invests in other mutual funds. Equity fund of funds invest in mutual funds with equity and equity-related assets.

Why invest in US equity?

Investing in international mutual funds allows investors to potentially benefit from diversification of their investments across different markets. Diversification of funds allows investors to potentially reduce risk of volatile markets.

What is meant by fund of funds?

Fund of funds are a type of investment scheme that invests in other mutual funds. The funds portfolio comprises other types of funds.

Where do International Mutual Funds invest?

International mutual funds invest in securities of international companies. International equity funds invest primarily in equity and equity-related securities of international companies.

What is the benefit of international mutual funds?

Mutual funds investing in foreign stocks allow investors to potentially benefit from the positive cycles in international markets. Investors can diversify their assets by investing in overseas companies at potentially lower costs.

What are the risks of overseas mutual funds?

Overseas mutual funds are vulnerable to foreign exchange risks, currency fluctuations and socio-political tensions. Overseas mutual funds may also have a lower level of liquidity and may not be suitable for investors seeking to liquidate their investments.

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.