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Bandhan Retirement Fund

Presenting an Equity oriented Retirement Fund with a 5 year lock-in, that follows a Dynamic Asset Allocation strategy.
Bandhan Financial Services Fund, NFO opens: 10th July, 2023 | NFO closes: 24th July, 2023

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Bandhan Financial Services Fund, NFO opens: 10th July, 2023 | NFO closes: 24th July, 2023

Retirement Planning: The Truth

Here are some interesting facts about the penetration of Retirement planning in India.


40% Urban Indians have not invested for their retirement so far


24% Indians don’t even know where to begin


1 in 3 Indians believe their savings will exhaust in 5 years of retirement

Fintech infrastructure

90% Indians above 50 years regret not starting earlier to save for retirement

Source - As per India Retirement Index Study 3.0 survey conducted by Max Life Insurance in partnership with Kantar. 2,093 respondents were surveyed across 28 cities in India. The survey assesses urban India's preparedness to live a healthy, peaceful, and financially secure retired life.

Need for Retirement Planning: Life Expectancy

Third largest sector
  • Advancement in technology, healthcare and medical sciences has actually increased our Life Expectancy.
  • This means we will live longer than the previous generations as you can see from the illustration along-side.
  • As life expectancy increases we will need more funds and hence the need to plan for retirement.

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Need for Retirement Planning: Inflation

  • Inflation as we know erodes the value of money. So, what we get today for Rs.100 would cost more in the future.
  • As you can see from the illustration alongside, Milk is around 166% costlier than what it was around 10 years ago. A kg of Apples are costlier by around 108% today over 10 years ago.
  • If this is the rate of inflation one needs to plan well to manage retired life. If you add life expectancy to this equation, then the need for retirement planning becomes sacrosanct.
Equity Return Performance
Source – Milk Amul Tazaa (1 litre); the current price is from Big Basket. 10 year ago price (Inflation rate of 10.3%)
For Apple (1kg); the current price is from Big Basket. 10 year ago price (Inflation rate of 7.6%)

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Retirement Planning: What can it Enable?

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Maintain Standard of Living

After retirement, you can continue with the lifestyle you are accustomed to.

Finance Icon

Financial Independence

You can be self-reliant when it comes to expenses for you and your family.

Capital Markets

Readiness for Emergencies

Correct planning can be helpful during emergencies. For Eg. Medical costs are high and they could end up causing a dent in your retirement.

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Why choose a Mutual Fund for Retirement?

Dividend Payout Ratio
  • It is estimated that 50% of equity assets held by retail investors do not remain for more than 2 years (Source: Amfi, data as on quarter ended June 2023)
  • As you can see from the illustration alongside, the growth of investment at a CAGR of 10% is gradual for the 1st 2 years but becomes significant by the 5th year and more than doubles over 10 years.
  • This is called compounding and generally kicks in by the 5th year and beyond. Compounding is required when the investor is aiming to create wealth.
  • As a Retirement Mutual Fund has a lock-in of 5 years you automatically get the benefit of compounding.

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Bandhan Retirement Fund: Construct

  • The Bandhan Retirement Fund follows a Dynamic Asset Allocation strategy (just like a Balanced Advantage Fund).
  • The Equity exposure in this fund will vary between 30 to 100% and hence Equity Taxation will apply. The maximum Debt exposure will be 35%.
  • Exposure to Equity and Debt will be driven by an underlying model unique to Bandhan AMC.
  • To summarize, this is an Equity oriented Mutual Fund which has the capability to manage Equity and Debt exposure and has a lock-in of 5 years.
Highest Category of ESG score

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Equity and Debt Investment Philosophy

Exponential growth witnessed in Capital Market segments with increased retail participation Graph

Who can invest?

Someone who is 20-25 years from retirement can invest a small amount every month with a SIP and opt for SIP top-up (annual increase in SIP amount)

Someone who is 10-15 years from retirement can invest a lumpsum amount and simultaneously start a SIP and continue till earning.

Someone who is 5 years from retirement can invest a lumpsum amount keeping in mind the 5 year lock-in period.

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Product info

Bandhan Retirement Fund

(An open-ended retirement solution oriented scheme having a lock-in of 5 years or till retirement age (whichever is earlier))

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*

  • Capital appreciation and income generation over long term.
  • A hybrid scheme with investment in equity and equity related instruments as well as debt and money market instruments.

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.


(CRISIL Hybrid 50+50 - Moderate Index)